2021 and 2022 have been years of intense activity within ATIEL across all committees.

Indeed, in the ATIEL ILC Committee, Acea sequences for Light Duty engines were published in June 2021 with the subsequent update of ATIEL Code of Practice in October 2022.  ACEA sequences for Heavy Duty engines were published in May 2022, with the subsequent update of the Code of Practice in December 2022.

The ATIEL BOI/VGRA Committee has developed a proposal for a BOI programme on TDi3.

The ATIEL Sustainability Committee is working in close cooperation with UEIL on a way forward in harmonising the carbon footprint calculation in the lubricants industry.

The ATIEL QMS Committee hired a new SAIL Director who started in November 2021 with a view to develop tools for promoting EELQMS and the number of LoCs signatories.

The ATIEL HSE Committee faces a number of challenges due to the revision of the REACH and CLP regulation leading to defend the lubricants industry in various fora and positions papers.

On 21st June 2022, ATIEL organised its first Technical Seminar after Covid entitled “towards a Sustainable and Innovative Lubricants Industry”.


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Marco Digioia, ATIEL President